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The Importance Of Easter

The Importance Of Easter

The Importance Of Easter

 (By Karen Granderson)

Yes God Loved The World So Much ….

For some people, Easter is about the Easter Bunny, chocolates, Easter egg hunts and parades.  However, for all Christians, Catholics included, Easter is the time when we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead.  His resurrection is significant for all because it symbolizes Christ’s final defeat of sin and death thereby offering believers the hope of salvation.  John 3, verse 16 states, “Yes, God loved the word so much that he gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not be lost, but may have eternal life.”

Jesus Christ in His obedience took upon Himself the judgment and condemnation we deserved.  He was pierced, scourged and humiliated for our evil ways, so that we may have harmony and goodwill.  Now that Christ has been resurrected, He reigns in glory and continues to intercede for us His people thus ensuring God’s enduring promise of eternal life. Our part in this Easter season and always is to live our lives in gratitude for such an awesome gift by turning away from destruction and embracing the salvation we have been freely given.

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